Thank you for attending our first annual Ethics in Business Awards. We appreciate the participation of the public, our nominees and winners, our keynote speaker Professor Schotts, and our scholarship recipients for participating.

We will look forward to bringing this event to a live audience in the future.

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Ken Shotts, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Strategies for Making Ethical Decisions in Business and Life

Ken Shotts is the David S. and Ann M. Barlow Professor of Political Economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). He received his BA in Political Science from Stanford in 1993 and his Ph.D. from the GSB in 1999. In addition to his time at Stanford, he has taught at Northwestern and the University of Michigan and has been a visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution, Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs, and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

In his research, Ken uses game theory to analyze how elections and political institutions influence policy choices made by government officials. He has published papers on electoral accountability, presidential leadership, racial redistricting, term limits, policy entrepreneurship, and regulatory enforcement politics.

For many years, Ken taught the GSB’s “Strategy Beyond Markets” class on business-government relations. For the past decade, he has taught the GSB’s core class on Business Ethics, and along with Neil Malhotra has a forthcoming general-interest book, Leading with Values, based on that class material. He also teaches in several executive programs and co-founded the “Leading in Turbulent Times” program covering firms’ strategic relationships with stakeholders, governments, and the public.


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